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Proposed Parking Prohibition Scheme - Bethesda Bach

Re: Proposed Parking Prohibition Scheme - Bethesda Bach

Correspondence to Llandwrog Community Council from a Senior Traffic Engineer

Gwynedd Council's Transport and Countryside Service

Further to a very productive discussion between Councillor Llio Elenid Owen and Transport Service Officers and the Highways Department of Gwynedd Council regarding disregarded parking in Bethesda Bach, proposed plans for parking bans in the relevant locations are attached (plans on the Community Council website – cyngorcymunedllandwrog.cymru/newyddion)

The Community Council is asked to add this item to the agenda of a meeting to be held on 18 March for discussion.

The Community Council is asked if there is a preference for one of the plans or if there are other options to consider that Gwynedd Council would be happy to accept.

Gwynedd Council Officers say –

"It is essential that you discuss the following points before reaching your decision:

• A genuine concern for safety and traffic flow (there must be a solid legal rationale for this).

• Is the anxiety occasional or continuous.

• Do the new prohibitions want to create a similar or worse problem in a nearby area.

• The effectiveness of the bans on driver behaviour.

• Expectations of enforcement in the area

It is important to inform you that the Police Service has powers to enforce problems of this type. Is there an option to discuss this with the Police to see if there is a short term solution? Locating a vehicle in a dangerous place is contrary to Section 22 of the Road Traffic Act. If vehicles are left in a place which causes an unnecessary obstruction this is in breach of regulation 103 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. Regulation 103 creates the offense that no person in charge of a motor vehicle or trailer to be left on the road and cause any unnecessary obstruction.

Hope the above guides you and please get back to me if you have further questions. I would appreciate it if you could acknowledge receipt of this email and your decision on the proposals following the meeting"







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