Llandwrog Community Council

serving the villages of Y Fron, Carmel, Y Groeslon, Llandwrog and Dinas Dinlle
The Council's Administration and Finance Manager - David Roberts
Bryn Meurig, Carmel, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL54 7DS
Ffôn: (01286) 881920/ 07796024288


The Area

From the mountain to the sea – Llandwrog Community Council serves such a diverse area, which is reflected in our logo.

The area stretches from Belan Fort to Dinas Dinlle, and to the east, to Y Fron and right up to the peak of Mynydd Mawr or Elephant Mountain as it is known locally. The Community boundaries includes a small area of the National Park as well as the following villages: Dinas Dinlle, Llandwrog, Tŷn Lôn, Bethesda Bach, Y Groeslon, Dolydd (part of) , Maestryfan, Carmel, Cilgwyn, Y Bryn, y Fron a Cwm. It should also be borne in mind that Parc Glynllifon is located at the centre of the community and Caernarfon Airport is based at Dinas Dinlle.


Work done by the Community Council

The 1972 Local Government Act states that every part of Wales is in a community. In England , the term “Parish Councils” is still used but in Wales , however, the legal and constitutional term for these units of local government administration is termed “Community Councils”

The Community Council represents the lowest tier of local government and is closest to the public as regards meeting local needs. The Council has several statutory rights and duties. These include looking after over 30 miles of public paths which are open to the public and is also a Burial Authority in charge of three cemeteries within the community boundary namely Llandwrog, Bryn`Rodyn (Y Groeslon) and Carmel cemeteries. Further, it is entitled to comment on planning applications, spending entitlement e.g. on bus shelters, roadside lights, and bins. There are also opportunities to lead or participate in local projects and which benefit the community.


What is the Council structure?

A list of your local councillors is provided on the next page. There is a representation from the 4 wards within the community which is Y Fron , Carmel, Groeslon and Llandwrog/Dinas Dinlle – with a total of 14 Councillors who do not represent any political party and who are elected every 4 years. A Clerk/Financial Officer is employed to handle all arrangements for meetings and preparing an agenda to deal with the records and financial and administrative matters linked to implementing the Council’s work.


How does the Council work?

Any work done by the Council will be implemented following decisions taken at open meetings. Any work is paid for with public money which the Council receives through raising a precept which is part of the Council Tax set by Gwynedd Council.


What is the Council’s precept?

In 2020-21 the Council's precept is £ 64,000. The precept is used to fund a wide range of works, for example to maintain cemeteries, keep public toilets open, maintain bus shelters and keep public footpaths open. The Council employs one part-time worker, The Administration and Finance Manager. The precept, in 2020/21, is £ 61.92 (on a Band D property) and represents 3.5% of the Council Tax bill.


Can the public attend the meetings?

By all means. You are welcome to attend our meetings as listeners only – and we would encourage that. Members of the public are not entitled to take part in Council discussions or give their opinion during the meeting - there may however be exceptional circumstances where the chairperson is allowed to call for a contribution from the public and for them to make a statement. Council meetings are held monthly, except for August, and are usually held on the third Monday of each month. Meetings are held in different locations within the community at Carmel Village Hall, Groeslon Village Hall, Fron Primary School, Coastguard Room, Llandwrog o’r Llandwrog Primary School.


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is a legal obligation as stated by the Local Government Act 1972. The annual meetings has to be held in the month of May. Council decides on the date. The first item on the Agenda must be the election of the Chairman of the Community Council fot the next twelve months.



To be elected as a Councillor a member must be qualified under the law , be a British Citizen and must have attained the age of 21.

The applicant must also be:

  • a local government elector
  • has, during the whole twelve months preceding that day, occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the same area
  • principal, or only place of work, during twelve months before election, has been in that area.
  • resided during the whole of twelve months in that area, or within three miles of that area



Contact the Council’s Clerk for any enquiry that may arise on any aspect of the Councils role and functions.

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